Growing tendency analysis of screw conveyor

Screw Conveyor includes shaft-screw conveyor and non-shaft screw conveyor. generally speaking ,we usually use the shaft screw conveyor machine
Because of simple structure ,convenient operation and service ,the Screw Conveying System is used widely in the transportation materials occasion ,but  the screw conveying efficiency is lower ,there are lots of the research situations about it in domestic market ,for the problem of transportation power ,many experts make some researchs in a word,the study of screw conveyor is attached importance by all circles
The development direction of screw conveying  in the future
1.large transportation ,high speeding long service life
High speeding is mean to high production rate ,reduction production cost ,abrasion is main reason of Screw Conveyor System life ,reducing  friction between material and screw ,increasing wear resisting of screw bearing and improving  material performance may extend service life in more large extent
2.reduce energy consumption
The Screw Conveyor Machine  energy is mostly consumed in friction loss .so,it’s solved problem and development direction in the research and design screw conveyor
3.intelligentialize growing
Intelligentized operation ,material assembled and anassemble ,machine installation and service can all achieve Intelligentized management
4.environmental awareness designed ,reduce pollution ,achieved green design goal
Traditional Screw Conveying Machine is opening operation and conveying material ,it’s seriously influence environment circum, in order to solve the problem ,without doubt  there is large advantage and growing space.
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