The Application of Screw Conveyor in Grain Industry

The Screw Conveyor usually can be made to Pipe Screw Conveyor and Trough Screw Conveyor in the grain industry .because of strictly requirement of food industry ,the screw conveyor must conform national health standard or CEMA Standard.
The screw conveyor help enterprises reducing production period at the same time reducing production cost, Screw Conveying Machine has fine seal effect without leak material ,and also to prevent material health safety from powder ,on the other hand ,largely improving working environment .
Screw conveyor has small diameter ,but has high speeding ,so ,it has higher transportation capacity .the screw conveyor can be used indoor also outdoor during incline and vertical conveying grain .there is no requirement for material ,but ordinary screw conveyor isn’t suit to transport metamorphic, sticky and easy-agglomeration material.
The grain industry is a related people’s live, it has higher status in society. People cannot live ,study, work, etc various society activity without food, the Screw Conveyor Equipment obviously plays a significant role in grain industry.
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