What Circumstances Need To Cautious During Operating The Screw Conveyor?

Screw conveyor commonly known as the screw auger, it is a kind of conveying equipment  which is widely used in mineral, feed, oil, construction industry, etc. should check whether the rotate part and load device is ok or not before using. What circumstances need to cautious during operating the screw conveyor? please check the following:
  1. When several screw conveyors are connected in series, they should be started from the discharge end and in sequence. Can feed material after all the conveyor are normal operation.
  2. Screw conveyor machine should start without load. Can feed material after it operate normally and forbidden feed material first.
  3. The temperature of the working environment and material should not higher than 50℃. Should not convey material with acid-base, oil or organic solvent etc.
  4. The screw conveyor equipment motor must be well insulated. Should not pull or drag the cables. The motor should be grounded reliably.
  5. Must stop feeding the material before stopping,  stop the conveyor until the stock material were discharged well.
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