Screw Conveyor in Mining Industry

Products Used In Mining Industry include pipe screw conveyor and U-type screw conveyor.
The effective development of metals, coal, limestone, gemstones, rock salt, gravel, and clay requires equipment from material managing experts. You can have confidence in our experience and quality to provide equipment for the operating demands of mining industry. Our screw conveyors with different types are manufactured to suit the output, volume, and high-temperatures conditions and even are greatly heavy duty to stand up to the severe surroundings. Our screw conveyors are made of abrasion-resistant materials since we know that downtime is the last thing we want to encounter.

Application Case


Screw Conveyor in Mining Industry Case Name U-type purchase order from Ukraine
Place Ukraine
Type & quantity LS250
Function transporting boiler ash


Screw Conveyor in Mining Industry Case Name Inclined pipe purchase order from Philippines
Place Philippines
Type & quantity LSY300-5.1
Function transporting limestone

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