Cement Screw Conveyors

Cement Screw Conveyors


Cement screw conveyor is not only just for cement conveying, it also can be used for bulk cargo transportation, such as cement, coal, carbon black, soda ash, flour and so on. But it is unfavorable for raw materials with big viscosity and easy to agglomerate
Cement Screw Conveyors

Working Principle

Through a rotating helical screw blade inside the tube, the cement screw conveyor is able to push granular and powdery materials. It is generally installed with an inclination angle and could be applied in many industries, such as concrete mixing station, bulk material transit storage, etc.


Cement Screw Conveyors 1. Dust-free connections:Import and export could be flange connection, bag connection, and bag derrick connection that can minimize maintenance and is allow to use in plants with extreme environment.
Cement Screw Conveyors 2. Impermeable device on the joint: Set up an impermeable device on the joint, even holes are improved to avoid water intake causing cement agglomerate and plugging, as well as the boring machine accidents.
Cement Screw Conveyors 3. Tilting feed and discharge port:Import and export can be inclined according to the work site, and can be easily fixed with other equipment.
Cement Screw Conveyors 4. Single or combination of multiple screw equipment operation:With flexible connection structure, screw equipment could be integrated with each other to meet the particular site requirements.
Cement Screw Conveyors 5. Intermediate suspension device:With reasonable structure of intermediate suspension device, it can achieve better connection between each screw blade.
Cement Screw Conveyors 6. Small tube diameter:Small diameter, high speed, large output, especially suitable for vertical and inclined.

Technical parameters

Cement Screw Conveyor Technical Parameter
Model Screw Diameter Screw Rotation Speed Housing Diameter Max. Capacity Max. Length Inclination Angle Power
L ≤ 7m L > 7m
(mm) (r/min) (mm) (t/h) (m) (degree) (kW)
LSY 160 163 308 194 25 15 0°~ 60° 5.5 7.5
LSY 200 185 260 219 40 18 7.5 11
LSY 250 237 200 273 60 25 11 15
LSY 300 285 170 325 90 25 18.5 22
LSY 400 362 170 402 120 25 18.5 22

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